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Arkive Vintage is a collection of men's & ladies vintage clothing, accessories and homewares.  After a retail working history of over two decades in the vintage business in Australia and then London UK, Arkive Vintage started it's (ad)venture in 2009 as permanent trader's at Brick Lane's famous Vintage Market in the East End of London.  We also supplied TopShop's largest store at Oxford Street in Central London with vintage pieces.  We opened our first retail store in Australia in 2012.

We stock original vintage pieces dating from the 1930s to the 1990s - most are in their original state, and some are brought up to date with some  clever customisation.  We also stock new product, such as accessories like bow ties, sunglasses and jewellery that are in classic fabrics or shapes and have a nod to vintage.

The product is hand picked & sourced from suppliers in the UK, Europe & USA.  We do not scour charity shops to source our product and you can be assured that we pay particular attention to quality, condition and style when selecting our pieces.  This is to ensure that we bring to you the best grade and most on-trend items possible.

The increase of fast, disposable fashion, where a rapid cycle of mass produced fashion is sold at rock bottom prices has led to a trend and interest towards vintage clothing.  At Arkive Vintage, we bring to you the best of the bygone decades, with well crafted, quality and timeless pieces that are stylish and also have a shelf life.